kathaa shaale

On the one hand, we have less than privileged children in various establishments like government schools and residential hostels, where they are attention starved, they have a very limited exposure to the outside world. Inspite of being talented each in their own unique way, they do not have much opportunity to see how they can develop themselves. Their fun and games are limited and not really educational or supportive of their curriculum. Inspite of their limitations, children being children, are nevertheless full of life and energy, just that their creativity can use good channels for a more positive future.

On the other hand, we have IT and call center and various other kinds of corporate employees who have a lot of scope for building up their communication skills.  Even if they are sent for any soft skills training, it is typically in a formal corporate environment. They may be earning good money, but as they are more exposed to inanimate machines as part of their job, unknowingly their energy saps, and they gradually start becoming more and more like these machines themselves!

These are two independent worlds, and kathaashaale sees tremendous potential in bringing them together.

KatheShaale is made of two Kannada words kathe = story, and shaale = school. It is a project to renew the art of story telling.

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